the princess of pee porn

happy place, smiley face

i’m your adorable hairy girl-next-door! 

i love being a tease, showing off my body hair, pleasuring myself in nature, peeing indoors + outdoors, being sneaky-sexy in public, playing with my kute friends, and dancing until i’m naked… 

but most of all, i really just love making you smile!

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i’m a smiley, sweet, adorable girl (if you couldn’t see already). i love plants, my cat Bernie Sanders, going on walks, drinking water, exploring nature (and being naked in it), photographing my friends, and drinking water for pee porn creation (here’s your hydration reminder!)

i’m a sex worker, photographer, former (and future) podcast host, and cheerleader to all my friends + fellow sex workers!

my purpose on this earth is to spread joy + help people find love for themselves! we all are humans + we all need some companionship + validation!


kactus kamera

a kutie in front of a kamera, and behind it, too!

some pee-ctures


you’ll melt from all my kuteness!


words of hap-pee-ness

nothing fills my heart with more joy than when someone appreciates my kontent!

I love what I do and your appreciation for my pee and porn videos makes kactus a very hap-pee kutie!

I love you so much!!! You’re real, you’re honest, unapologetically yourself, and you inspire and empower other humans to do the same! I look forward to your content every day!

Genuinely think that your smile makes your content so enjoyable! Your smile makes me smile!

I love how positive your content is!!!

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