About kactus Kutie

i want to tease you & please you.
that’s the goal behind all these. i just want to put a smile on your face, in your heart & in your genitals!

how I got started

In 2016, a friend of mine told me that you could make money being naked LIVE on the internet. never, did i ever believe that it would lead me to where i am today… but, damnit, i’m so grateful!

In 2017, i joined manyvids and started uploading clips of me doing naked yoga, strip teasing, smoking, and other kute “vanilla” turn-ons.

In 2018, I attended my first sex worker conference, XBIZ Miami. i was SO inspired by everyone i met + made content with, it opened up my whole world to being a sex worker!

since then, i’ve been exploring my sexuality + what makes me happy, making content with kute hairy porn babes i’ve had crushes on, learning about safety + consent in sex (and outside of sex), sharing tips + tricks with fellow sex workers, talking on podcasts, and SO much more!

spoil me + I'll spoil you back

there’s nothing i love MORE than a SURPRISE!

order a gift from my wishlist + i’ll send you photos and/or videos of me wearing or using the item! 😉

you’ll get the content i create with your item much sooner if you order a custom video or photo set with the item!



body hair

hairy women are born for porn

intimate solo masturbation clips

i love myself…
and i love being watched!


got to go right now!


just watering my plants!

being a tease

you can't have me...yet!


flirting + having fun with my
kute femme friends!

dancing until I'm naked

dancing until I'm naked...
what's better?


the earth is my lover!


just watering my plants!


the earth is my lover!

genital ratings

your genitals are sexy (trust me)! this is the *only* time i’m going to beg to see your genitals!

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I’m also a member of a group of the hairiest + most beautiful babes on the internet!

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