fashion, boudoir & nude photography by a kutie with a kamera

kactus kamera

kapturing beautiful people + moments with my kamera

kactus behind the kamera

Even though I shine in front of the kamera, i’m also pretty talented being behind one, too! I’ve been a professional photographer since 2012. Through shooting multiple mediums of photography, i found my love for boudoir + fashion! throw in a little nude photography and I’m a happy kactus. 🙂 

I’ve shot for suicide girls, 420 pinups, les vixens burlesque, women + men’s fashion brands, e-commerce sites, cannabis brands, and more!

with every model, My main priority is your comfort; my second is how everything looks! I think of myself as a cheerleader to my models: you are beautiful, incredible, and absolutely capable of getting gorgeous photos of yourself! I believe that photo shoots are not just about the photos, but the whole experience. When you look back the photos, i want you to remember having a fun time, feeling beautiful in your own body, and proud of the art you created! 

If you couldn’t tell by my photos, I love shooting with a LOT of kolor + kapturing your genuine happiness!… don’t forget the plants + flowers!

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